Creamy white bait omelette recipe

My man loves my creamy scrambled eggs, but I try to vary the other ingredients so that we don’t get tired of eating the same thing all the time.  So when I suggested using white bait, he was quite eager to try something new.  On a weekend, we strolled to the market and bought white bait and fresh eggs.

Back home, my man offered to help toast the white bait till crisp before I added them to the scramble.  I also varied the heat used, as well as the seasoning and oils.  It turned out pretty good!  The eggs remained fluffy, just as he likes them : )  So if you want a delicious and nutritious breakfast idea, here is the recipe.


You’ll need:

5 eggs, beaten with teriyaki sauce

Half a pack of toasted white bait

Crushed chilli flakes


Sesame oil

That’s it for ingredients!  Simple and very cheap, too.  There’s no excuse to indulge in junk food when fresh food is so affordable : )

So the steps now:

Melt a cube of butter in a skillet at medium heat and mix in sesame oil.  Once the butter is thoroughly melted and properly mixed with the sesame oil, pour in the eggs, stirring only occasionally so that they form large pieces.  Break these up gently so the eggs don’t get too fine.

When the eggs are about 3/4 done, turn off the heat, quickly mix in the white bait and chilli flakes, then let everything cook a little bit longer on the stove.  Once the eggs are cooked but still a little bit runny – or at the consistency you prefer – quickly scoop onto a plate and serve.  Cooking time?  Less than 10 minutes! 😛  Toasting time?  Less than 10 minutes! 😛


So now there’s no excuse that eating relatively healthily is too expensive or takes up too much time.  Cooking is therapeutic, just like shopping.  It’s also very satisfying to see your loved ones happily munching on all the tasty dishes you serve up!  If you profess to love your spouse or children, wouldn’t you want to keep them around longer and in tip top health?


This is a yummy breakfast anyone can enjoy.  So, I’m going to do a Maria Kang here.


What’s your excuse? 😛

Wishing you fun,



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