Having fun keeps us vibrant!

I spoke about Amanda and I having the same energy levels although she’s 8 years younger.  There’re 2 examples I can quote; too many will stretch this entry far too much.  In the first, during our Bangkok trip, we spent an entire afternoon combing the shops for a clutch she wanted.

After that, we were supposed to return to the hotel room for a shower and freshen up, then head out for drinks and food at a chic joint at night.  You know what happened?  She was tired and didn’t want to head out.  Instead, we ordered room service and called the spa to send up 2 masseuses instead.  I was disappointed; it would’ve been fun kicking up our heels and dancing the night away!

The second instance was when we had a staycation at Marina Bay Sands with 2 other girl friends.  All were younger than me.  The 2 girl friends decided to stay at the hotel after we caught the Dirty Dancing Musical at the theatre.  Amanda and I changed and headed out for drinks and some dancing.


We danced for hours and I lasted as long as she did!  Given that she swayed and I did more vigorous movements, I should’ve tired out more quickly, but nope!  Perhaps when we’re having fun and not being boring, we tend to be more vibrant and energetic.  Yup, even more so than those who’re younger!

As we know, vibrant individuals have a lot more fun.  We have more on our plates and much more going on in our lives.  We live with zest and passion, keen to do more and learn more.  We’ll probably not let boring folks drag us down for long because our attention spans are the size of a flea!

So remember to have fun, remember to play, remember to take the time to do those things that make you laugh.  When you’re enjoying life and living it to the fullest, you’ll naturally give off radiant vibes.  Who doesn’t want a vibrant air?  I know I do! : )

Wishing you fun,



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