Quit bitching about ‘objectification’!

Feminists protest the ‘objectification of women’ by the evil patriarchy.  This phrase comes up often during discussions about body positivity, fat acceptance and unrealistic beauty standards.  Whenever men point out that some model is hot, for example, the Protein World model, feminists screech ‘objectification!’ en masse.

It’s jealousy, pure and simple.  These feminists (and those who’re not but think like them) are everywhere.  The 2 unglams who try to bully us are the same.  They gossip about women who make an effort to groom themselves and wear stylish clothes while neglecting their own appearance.

These women hate it when other women receive more male attention.  In western countries, they coined the term ‘objectification’ to make themselves seem like saints trying to rescue attractive women from the patriarchy’s admiring insulting gaze.  And they protest like crazy about what is essentially normal behaviour.

2016-05-28 12.50.20

It’s fine when Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday appear in next to nothing in publications, but place a slender model in an ad and suddenly, there’s outrage.  These jealous bitches kind souls are only out to protect us petite and dainty women, you see.  They have to ban us from appearing in media shield us from the patriarchy’s lecherous eyes.

It’s ridiculous!  Their agenda is so thinly veiled, it’s painfully laughable.  What these feminists want is to obliterate images of slim women from publications and any form of media so that men have no choice but to find fat bodies more attractive.  Oh come on, did they think we couldn’t see that?  They couldn’t be more obvious!

There’s nothing wrong with men admiring a slim physique.  If you don’t like it, then don’t look or ignore it.  Don’t try to dictate what we should and shouldn’t do, whether we should dress up or not.  What we do is none of your business.  Stop behaving like nazis, ok.

Wishing you fun,



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