Clothes for skinny minnies

As promised, another entry about fashion for slender ladies : )  Gipsy Scarlet stocks a decent variety of apparel in many different designs.  Stocks may not be updated as regularly as MDS Collections or MGP Label, but the designs are sassy, sexy and youthful!  I love them!

Yuki Ruffles Dress

Alva Hearts Tube Dress

Silver Bells Dress

Boy do I love colours!  While darker colours may be more slimming, brights seem to help uplift one’s mood.  I’m always more upbeat at work when wearing a bright skirt!  As it gets closer to the weekend, my clothes get less sombre to reflect an increasingly happy mood 😛

Gladys Peplum Dress

Alyssandra dress

Sheena Bodycon Dress

The body positive community makes so much noise about having to buy plus size clothes online.  It’s a much more convenient way of shopping, especially when we spend a large chunk of our days in the office and we have other matters to attend to outside of office hours!

Minnie Mini Skirt

Corine Tier Bandage Skirt

Ribbon Print Tier Bandage Skirt

So if you want to add some flirty new items to your wardrobe, do pop by and shop up a storm!

Wishing you fun,



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