More and more people are power walking!

I showed you 2 success stories – Cherry and my beautician, Grace – who lost the weight, kept it off AND reduced their belly sizes.  Do you know how they did it? : )  Well, they were at their wits’ end.  They’d tried everything, from working out at the gym, reducing their food intake to pitiful levels, joining weight loss programmes, drinking weight loss teas and taking weight loss pills.

Then they asked me.  “How do you manage to eat so much, yet remain thin?”  That was when I shared with them the same formula that I’ve been blogging about – eating a wide variety of fresh food, having balanced meals, having treats on weekends AND… power walking!

There’re many articles praising the many health benefits of walking and, as it turns out, it’s a great way to trim the body, burn those calories AND there’s a very low risk of injuries.  Due to my spine injury, it’s an exercise that I can do with ease and doesn’t cause additional pain.


I generally walk at a pace where it feels easier if I’d actually broken into a jog.  You exert yourself more than you think when you walk at that pace!  After a while, your breathing gets quicker and heavier.  Keep up that pace and, pretty soon – about 15 minutes or so – you’ll perspire uncontrollably!

Doing this regularly helps to keep your weight in check and ups your energy levels.  You won’t feel so lethargic after meals and you’ll be quicker, more agile and more productive at work.  Also, doesn’t a shower feel absolutely fantastic after you’ve sweated buckets? : )

I showed colleagues and friends the same photos of Cherry and Grace I shared in this blog.  It has inspired more of them to power walk.  I hope that they can keep their activity levels up and get their health in order, especially 2 colleagues who suffer from hypertension.

Wishing you fun,



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