Happiness is so sexy!

Recently, I got to know a young local chap.  He’s 11 years younger than me, but he’s an extremely good conversationalist!  It was during 1 of our chats that he confessed that he was captivated by me.  It ought to be flattering, but coming from someone so much younger, it felt a tad strange.

As Amanda used to say, youth is on her side.  For the record, she’s 8 years younger than me.  It sure as heck didn’t feel that way when we used to hang out together, though.  Perhaps it’s because my energy levels are on par with hers, who knows?  So I asked the chap why he was captivated.

His reply?  Geez, I really hope I don’t sound like an arrogant biotch trying to promote myself here.  Anyway, what he said was, “You just radiate positive vibes.”  Wow, no?  But as I pondered over it, I realised it’s true.  We’re drawn to positive people and repelled by negative ones.


People who’re living their lives to the fullest give off a certain type of positivity which draws others to them like bees to honey.  I’m not 1 of the best out there, far from it, but even so, there isn’t any difficulty when interacting with society once I step out of the home.  How else would Donald Trump still grab so much attention even if he isn’t the most handsome man alive?

Conversely, those who’re filled with negativity tend to drive people away from them.  They’re boring, they don’t contribute joy and humour to others’ lives and they’re energy drainers, sucking the life out of us.  I tend to ditch such folks after a while because they make me feel so mentally exhausted.

You can’t fake being positive.  You can’t fake being happy.  It’s something that doesn’t need glorifying because if you really are confident, happy and positive, it will show.  You don’t need to brag about how happy you are the way the body positive activists do.  All you need to do is exist.

And people will be drawn to you.

Wishing you fun,



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