Body Positivity – fat feminists, what is in it for me?

Every few days, there’s an article about body positivity, whether it’s demanding that retailers cater more to plus sizes, celebrating plus sized models’ milestones, women learning to love their fat bodies as is and daring to wear fashions that fat women have been cautioned against wearing.

Fat feminists try to recruit allies, such that fat acceptance is not only a feminist issue, it is now also a political issue.  Any publicity and attention is good publicity and attention because it means fat women are now visible and, hopefully, accepted as equally beautiful as women of a healthy weight.

Slender women have rushed to join forces with the fat feminists, so as to be included in the movement.  But I’m not the kind to dive headfirst into something without knowing why I should.  First of all, if they’re rebelling against normal heterosexual men the patriarchy, why should I take part in it when normal men treat me just fine?


If the objective is to smash ‘unattainable’ beauty standards, I can’t agree to it since beauty standards are there to inspire us to be the most attractive we can be.  I don’t go out looking like a slob because it reeks of a lack of self respect.  If I can’t even take care of myself, how am I capable of handling anything else?

If fat feminists want to silence critics, it’s not something I’m interested in.  Everyone has the freedom to do as they please.  So these women are free to post their photos on social media with high viewing traffic but others are equally free to voice their opinion.  This is social media after all.

Finally, if body positivity means I don’t need to challenge myself to be a better person in all facets of life, then I would just be content to be mediocre.  What I really strive for is to be good at everything.  In order to do that, it starts with myself and my health.  So tell me, fat feminists, why should I be your ally and why should I take up your cause?

Wishing you fun,



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