Carbs are NOT evil!

So many people are afraid of consuming carbohydrates, it’s insane!  In order to lose weight, some of my colleagues (and ex colleagues) have taken to cutting out carbs entirely from their diet.  Even my beautician previously shunned them because, apparently, carbs are evil things waiting to turn people into morbidly obese lumps.

Good grief, no!  Carbohydrates aren’t bad for us as long as we’re consuming proper ones and not satisfying hunger or an attack of the munchies with those devoid of nutritional value.  I’ve shown you that I eat rice.  I also eat potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are a weakness; I can’t resist them!

To illustrate, here are a few of the carbs I eat and I can still maintain a healthy weight!


Chicken rice is always a favourite.


Yam rice with my collagen soup.



Grilled chicken and roasted veggie wrap and egg white and roasted capsicums and mushrooms wrap, both from Starbucks.



Healthy sushi.  If carbs make people fat, why are Japanese so slender even though they eat rice for every meal?


Ham and cheese omelette croque monsieur at Starbucks.

Carbohydrates fill us up and provide our bodies with nourishment and energy for the day.  Cutting them out will leave us tired, especially for those of us who lead busy and active lives.  Why would anyone deprive themselves of good food, including carbohydrates?  It’s insane!

Deprivation isn’t healthy.  Eating well is.  It’s good to eat a variety of fresh and nutritious food so that our bodies absorb different vitamins and minerals so necessary for higher energy levels and good health.  So eat those carbs and try to eat fresh on most days of the week.  Treats can be consumed but set aside a couple days for them at most.

Heck, I do love MacDonald’s breakfasts too 😛   Their hash browns are incredibly delicious!


And that’s it.  There isn’t a secret formula to maintain a healthy weight.  I try to ensure my man and I eat healthily on weekdays, then on weekends we have our cheat days.  It’s also on weekends that I meet friends who adore sinful food.  This way, my social life isn’t affected by my lifestyle.


Eating carbs and still a size 0?  You bet!

Wishing you fun,



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