Clothes for skinny minnies

I’ll try to include more fashion posts since sizes are getting larger nowadays and it’s difficult to find really nice clothes that fit.  At times, even when I buy the smallest size available at some apparel retailers, it is too loose at the waist and I’m talking bodycon dresses here! :O

Perhaps it’s the fabric or the cut, but while the dress may fit nicely at the hips, it doesn’t hug as nicely at the waist.  Moving forward, knits might be the best option since they’re stretchy and, hopefully, come in smaller measurements.  The situation will probably be worse for slim women in western countries with uncontrollable obesity levels.


This time, I’ll shine the spotlight on Flaunt.  I’m very tempted to buy some of their dresses when I already have mountains of clothes, some of which are unworn!

FLAUNT For the Love of Lace Dress - B&W

FLAUNT Full Bloom Cheongsam Dress - Purple

The Illusion Bodycon Dress - Blue

Such pretty colours and patterns!

FLAUNT Stay Classic Mesh Dress - Off White

FLAUNT Figure Dress - Ice

I’m lucky my man doesn’t restrict me when it comes to fashion and pretty things 😛

FLAUNT Blackout Sleeves Dress  - Color Run

FLAUNT Dress for Success Dress - Pink

peplum work dress

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, pop by and check out the website for a high dose of femininity! 😀

Wishing you fun,



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