How I dealt with body shaming

Here’s proof that fat shaming isn’t worse than thin or fit shaming.  Extra, extra, read all about it, slim women get their fair share of body shaming too!  A few weeks ago, I suddenly received an email from a local indian chap.  Since nothing that he said indicated he expected a reply, I didn’t respond.

Well apparently, the dude was offended when he didn’t hear from me.  So he created another account (different username but, stupidly, the same details) and stated, “You should work on your ‘XXX body parts’.  You do nothing for me physically.”  Many fat women receive similar correspondences and what is their reaction?  They react defensively and end up having their conversations posted in reddit, showing how nasty they get.

Now now ladies, before you get your hackles up, I’m actually going to show you how I dealt with this body shamer and, afterwards, enjoyed calm and peace.  It also demonstrates how truly body confident I am because there was no defensiveness nor animosity towards this guy.


My response?  Just block and delete.

That’s it!  Instead of insulting him back, I simply chose to continue with my enjoyable beer session with my man while the poor boy was sitting there, refreshing his page time and again to see if there was a reply.  Well, he waited in vain because there were more important things at hand, like, you know, indulging in good food and beer? 😛

When you reply to these people defensively, it fuels their need to fight and gives them the attention they crave.  When you deny them that, all they can do is seethe because they know you’re not even dignifying them with a reply.  Imagine their frustration when they’re blocked and can’t even bait you further! 😛

So ladies, regardless of your weight, you may want to give this a shot.  Why give them the satisfaction when you can deny them the gratification? 😛  Don’t you have better things to occupy your time with?  Don’t you have a life?  Food for thought.

Wishing you luck,



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