Have a break, have a cupcake!

You know what they say……..

Slender women don’t enjoy life.

Slender women don’t know how to love food.

Slender women don’t eat.

Slender women don’t take dessert.

Go on, blush with guilt, because I’m going to firmly bust your toxic lies 😛  I’ve stated in this blog that slim girls DO have dessert.  We just don’t eat copious amounts of it everyday.  So a colleague was distributing delicious cupcakes on his last day with the company.


I chose the one with dark chocolate frosting.  Yum! ❤

Look, desserts are wonderful, but as with everything, just consume them in moderation.  That way, you don’t need to look at a cupcake and instantly gain 5 kilos.  I’ll write about the desserts I eat when the mood hits.  Life is too short to be deprived of anything delicious.


So yes, thin women do have our moments of indulgence.  Cupcakes taste so good.  Why would anyone not eat them from time to time?

Wishing you fun,



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