Staying poised is the best revenge

Many of the fat people I meet are easygoing, flexible and generally nice people.  They’re honest with themselves about their size – eating healthily and leading active lifestyles are not their priority.  They’re the reason I respect fat people and do not condone tormenting nor humiliating them.

Unfortunately, there also exist vicious and mean fat people.  I mentioned in an earlier entry that the workplace bully who has bulldozed over us is very fat.  He has 2 supporters, 2 women who are, coincidentally, also very fat.  These 2 women – let’s call them the ‘unglams’ – are experts at ratting on the team.  In fact, it’s the only way they can get ahead in life.

Just like the feminists, the unglams don’t take care of their appearance.  They already demonstrated this by eating themselves into shapeless blobs.  To top it all off, they don’t bother dressing well for the office.  And guess what?  They hate those of us who’re slim and who’re vain enough to doll up for work.


Perhaps they think that, by making us miserable, we would neglect other facets of our lives, such as eating well, being active and looking good.  Well, then the best revenge is to deny them the satisfaction of seeing us neglect ourselves!  I still ensure that I’m confident everyday.

Since the unglams have made it known that they can’t stand seeing us in fitting dresses, some of us have taken to wearing the most flattering outfits in our wardrobes everyday.  We also make it a point to keep relaxed and poised, as well as to keep laughing regularly.

If it pisses them off, good.  We’ll keep doing it! 😛  Then they can get uglier and uglier 😛

Wishing you fun,



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