Clothes for Skinny Minnies

As clothing measurements grow larger to accommodate increasing waistlines, it becomes more and more difficult for western women who make an effort to maintain a slender physique to find pretty apparel in their sizes.  The solution for them is to look east, where slim women still exist in decent numbers.

And for these sexy western ladies, there’re tons of options available.  I’ve written about a few already.  Today, we take a look at Carris La Belle.  Sizes frequently run very small, but there’re very stretchy items that accommodate figures larger than a size 00.  So let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Basic Mini Knit Dress (Grey) -  - 1

Off Shoulder Slit Maxi (Navy) -  - 1

Timeless Chiffon Dress (Yellow) -  - 1

From evening dresses to playsuits and separates, there’s quite a large variety for hungry shoppers waiting to devour all those affordable, sexy items!

Ribbon Back Romper (Grey) -  - 1

V Cut Romper (Blue) -  - 1

If you feel like bearing some skin as the weather heats up, you can!  There’s nothing worse than breaking out in a sweat when you’re all dolled up.

Basic Knit Tube (Pink) -  - 1

Blue Floral Peplum Top -  - 1

Brenda Off Shoulder Top (Pink) -  - 1

Loving spring and summer colours, which are more playful and brighter than sombre autumn/winter hues : )

2016-05-28 12.49.29

So grab your wallets and have fun shopping, ladies!

Wishing you fun,



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