MacDonald’s does not make you fat

Like Starbucks, MacDonald’s suffers from the dubious reputation of making obese people morbidly overweight.  I also disagree that the fastfood chain should be blamed for the uncontrollable obesity rates in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Look, there’re MacDonald’s outlets all over the world.  Why is it that many of their customers are able to maintain a healthy weight?


I adore McWings.  They’re absolutely delicious, juicy, tender and crispy!  Plus, they go wonderfully with beer.


On weekdays, I adore their grilled chicken salads.


During mid-week beer sessions, I have their nacho double filet o’ fish!


Snack-wise, their potato wedges are tastier than their fries.

And guess what?


Still a size 0!  Yup, that ‘impossible standards of beauty’ weight which fat feminists love to whinge about and try to ban.  I eat at MacDonald’s; pretty often, in fact.  The only difference is, I don’t eat it everyday.  It’s perfectly fine to indulge once or twice a week and I certainly do that!

If you’re downing 3 to 5 burgers, fries and guzzling super-sized Cokes in a single meal, then being obese is your choice and entirely your fault.  MacDonald’s can make burgers but we can choose not to eat like elephants when we make our trip past those dazzling golden arches.

If you’re sensible about how you eat when at a MacDonald’s outlet, you won’t grow fat!

Wishing you fun,



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