Why let a lack of confidence ruin friendships?

Previous entries were about the frustrating relationship Ms C has with Mr C.  So here is an update about the matter.  The troubles started when Ms C hopped into bed prematurely with Mr C despite being warned against it.  Shortly after, he insinuated that she was fat by stating that all his exes were slim and she was ‘big size’.

Ms C isn’t fat.  She definitely isn’t obese.  However, she has a large frame and, truth be told, she loves her food.  She was very hurt by his comments and lost a ton of weight by eating very little and skipping dinner.  Sometimes she only ate 1 meal a day.  It was very unhealthy.  She ended up pale and gaunt and had to seek medical treatment.

She started being very conscious of her body and weight and insisted I was his type because I’m very slim.  Things started sliding downhill after she saw how willing he was to spend on me and the way he acted in front of me when all of us went out together.


Our friendship quickly deteriorated.  Ms C would make snarky remarks towards me.  I told her to speak to the point but she continued being passive aggressive.  Things got so unpleasant that I started avoiding her and, when our paths had to cross, she was acknowledged with icy politeness.

One only has to search online for fat girls being mean to their thin friends to realise that jealousy and lack of confidence destroy many friendships which could have been wonderful.  It’s such a pity because projecting our own body image issues onto other people makes all parties miserable.

Such is life.  Thankfully, there’re other friends to turn to and hang out with.  I hope Ms C manages to resolve her problems.

Wishing you fun,



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