My beautician’s weight loss

When I posted about Cherry’s amazing weight loss, I also mentioned that my beautician managed to shed the pounds based on my individualised plan for her.  Well, guess what?  She was so delighted with the results, she readily agreed when I asked if she would share the before and after photos with my readers! 😀

What this plan entailed, briefly:

NO drastic diets

NO obsessive calorie counting

NO excessive exercise

NO gimmicky equipment

Mind you, the weight loss wasn’t immediate.  This happened over a period of almost 6 months.  Even now, the pounds are shed gradually but steadily.  The plan is also easy to follow.  None of those I helped felt like they were starving.  They didn’t feel exhausted from hours at the gym.

Now behold her shrinking belly.


Amazing?  You bet!  The best part is not feeling as though one is suffering in hell, YET deriving results like the above!  This plan isn’t Weight Watchers nor Jenny Craig.  You aren’t required to follow a points system.  You don’t need to refer to a list of foods to check their calories.  There are no sachets of ‘wonder secret formula’ to drink, no pre-packaged meals.

And you know what is even more amazing?  You don’t need to sign up for any gym membership.  You don’t need to work out like a fiend.  A reminder here – progress is slow but steady.  You will NOT shed a hundred pounds at a go.  If you want extreme weight loss, go sign up for The Biggest Loser.


This is the side view of my beautician’s belly.  She’s more motivated than ever to at least maintain this weight, even if she doesn’t lose any more.  Of course, after seeing the results, she’s even more determined to keep at it.  The mere fact that it isn’t torment makes it easy for her, Cherry and my colleagues to stick to their plans : )

Like I said, America and western nations should hire me instead and fly me over to their respective countries to get their obesity levels in check.  Why waste millions on useless research when I have a plan that is effective, sustainable and one which people are better able to stick to?

On my individualised plan – WHICH I FOLLOW as well – I promise you won’t spend the rest of your life drinking kale juice and nibbling miserably on carrot and celery sticks.  I promise you won’t need to sign up for a gym membership but you WILL have some activity.  I promise that you WILL have slow but steady weight loss and you won’t feel like you’re being tortured.

And eventually, you’ll hit this.


Want it?  Well, go talk some sense into your governments, please!!!

Wishing you fun,



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