Being pampered : )

Well, well, well, it’s great to have my man back! : )  As I mentioned in an earlier entry, westerners have bullied those of us working in foreign companies.  I’d been feeling stressed out due to workplace bullying (coincidentally, the western bully is also very FAT!).  Thank goodness my man really proved to be my rock : )





Steamed 3 different types of eggs, chilli slipper lobster, sambal kangkong and fish curry

He took me to Batam for a quick getaway where he pampered me with tons of good food!  He bought me clothes, skincare and cosmetics in order to cheer me up and helped me relax with beer sessions too!  It was a good 2 days of feasting and having tons of fun shopping!




Roasted chicken leg, assam fish and ginger stewed pork

After eating the above, we packed more food back to the hotel room to eat with our beer!!! :O



Crisp fatty roast pork and fatty char siew

After a boozy nap, we got up again and went shopping.  Strolling around the mall was very therapeutic.  I also stocked up on hair masks and shampoos while we were there.  It was great to be back here with my man, wandering around together.  A getaway isn’t as fun without him : )




Sambal squid, black pepper slipper lobster and sambal kangkong

After having the above for dinner with rice, we loved the black pepper slipper lobster so much that we packed another order and took it back to the hotel room to snack on with beer!!! :O


Yum forever!

After all that fun and gluttony, we returned to Singapore.  I wanted to stop time for a while longer, so that I wouldn’t need to face the workplace bully so soon.  Alas, time waits for no man and slipped by all too quickly : (  Still, we had some other fun programmes lined up so I could look forward to the weekends.

My man is a treasure : )  And nope, I didn’t get fat 😛


Sorry to disappoint the body positive community 😛

Wishing you fun,



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