Girls’ night out!

No matter how much I love my man, the fact remains that friends remain very important in life.  They form our support network and are there with us through thick and thin.  While guy friends help provide a different perspective when my man and I have our disagreements, girl friends keep me feminine : )

Besides, it’s so much fun discussing about what to wear, dressing up, putting on our sexy heels and letting our hair down over a few drinks and good food!  It’s talk nineteen to the dozen about all things girly the entire night, which isn’t something one can do with male pals : )

Cat had been very stressed in recent weeks, so I took her out for some champagne and bar food at New Asia Bar, Level 70 of the Swissotel, Stamford.  She loved the tasty dishes, chic ambience and stylish crowd!  We had a wonderful few hours just chatting and laughing away.


Gals just wanna have fun!


We had popcorn chicken…


We had cajun potato wedges…


And we had VERY GOOD tempura battered shrimp with rock salt!!!

Having our own circle of girl friends means that we can give our men their space when they need it.  There’s also lots more to talk about and share when we spend quality time together.  It’s a much healthier relationship as our world doesn’t revolve around them and they don’t feel the pressure of neediness nor clinginess.

Moreover, how does one talk about makeup and earrings with men, right? ; )

Wishing you fun,



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