All those obesity theories *eye roll*

Fat activist Virgie Tovar gave a talk at a university campus, ironically, to those studying food and nutrition.  She touched on topics such as diets don’t work, fatphobia and whatever intersection blahblahblah *yawn*  Elsewhere on the internet, debates rage on about the obesity problem and why it’s so uncontrollable.

There’re so many theories and ridiculous studies conducted as to why obesity levels have skyrocketed in some countries in recent decades and why it’s so hard for people to lose weight.  Factors from genetically modified foods and additives to more bizarre ones such as fat cells have been bandied about, but there hasn’t been any effective solution to the problem.

Every time I read these articles, I can’t help rolling my eyes at the ludicrous obesity theories and all these so-called experts using up so much money to conduct useless study after useless study.  Hello America and the western world, why not pay me the money and I’ll give you the most effective solution???

After all, I helped my cousin-in-law lose weight.  I helped colleagues lose weight.  Heck, I even helped my beautician lose weight.  And THEY KEPT IT OFF!!!  Instead of paying others millions to conduct useless studies, why not pay me half of that and fly me to your countries instead?


Lemme help ya, pweety pweety pweese???

More effective and less tormenting than TV programmes like The Biggest Loser, the methods I’ve used to help those around me shed the pounds and keep them off led to higher levels of body image confidence and overall better mental health.  I won’t only give talks, I’ll help each individual customise a healthy living plan which works around their jobs and time constraints!

Not only that, it’s so darned simple to follow that those I’ve helped don’t feel discouraged in the slightest.  As they gradually drop clothes sizes, their confidence increases leapfold!  They don’t look at Protein World models and scream oppression.  In fact, they’re motivated to continue their healthier ways of living.

Forget your theories.  Have they worked?  Nope!  Forget your sugar taxes.  Have they worked?  Nope!  But my plan?  It has worked.  I’m going to ask my beautician if she’s comfortable with sharing photos of her narrowing girth and shedding of unhealthy visceral fat as proof that my method works tons better than your useless studies funded by millions of dollars.

Just pay me half of that.  And I guarantee results.  After all……….


This is what I’ve achieved. On my own.

Wishing you fun,



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