Arrogant westerners label South Asians ‘brutish’ and ‘barbaric’

Over at Occident Invicta, they bemoaned the downfall of western culture and society.  First, they complained about fat acceptance, which has resulted in uncontrollable obesity rates in their respective countries.  Fine, it’s sensible since being massively overweight compromises health, vitality and agility.

But what I really disagreed with, was the labels these arrogant morons slapped on South Asians.  They called them barbaric and brutish, amongst other insults.  I was quick to defend South Asians although, technically, South Asia comprises countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

You know why?  No matter what, we’re still collectively ASIANS.  Western expats have come to our countries, bullied our people, bulldozed over us in order to achieve their own personal agenda and disrespected us.  They arrive, with their superiority complexes, totally incapable of showing courtesy and decorum.


These pompous douchebags deserve nothing but contempt for thinking they’re better than Asians.  They don’t deserve any respect and some of the locals working in foreign companies are finally fighting back, especially those of us who’re every bit as educated, intelligent and capable.

They have nothing, NOTHING, to be proud of when the majority of their people resemble shapeless blobs of lard who aren’t even agile enough to keep up with us.  They have nothing, NOTHING, to be proud of when their youth grow up with no morals, no modesty and no self respect to refrain from sleeping around with all and sundry.

So listen up, idiots at Occident Invicta and the commenters, don’t get too smug.  Your people can’t even control something as simple as your weight.  Don’t even think about lording it over us.

Wishing you fun,



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