Stop forcing your fat politics on us!

Look, I’ve stated many times over, but there’s no harm repeating it – I am not a fat shamer.  I don’t hate fat people.  I don’t condone humiliating and torturing them.  I think they deserve basic respect as human beings.  This must be said before I move on to address what is truly annoying.

Look, fat activists posing as body activists, I understand that you don’t wish to live in misery.  You don’t want to shut yourselves in your rooms and hide instead of going out and living life to the fullest.  You don’t want to be filled with self loathing.  You don’t want to be ridiculed and treated as subhumans.

I get that; I totally do and completely agree with you.  I’m filled with horror when I read about your suffering, when you write about strangers pelting you with eggs or throwing other objects at you.  You don’t deserve to be mooed nor oinked at when you dare to venture out of your homes.




Stop insisting that I must find fat beautiful.  I do not.

Stop insisting that I must find bodies that are fat and bodies that are of a healthy weight equally attractive.  I most definitely will not.

Stop insisting that women who wear a size 0 starve themselves or binge and purge.  I do not.

Stop insisting that I must agree that obesity can be healthy.  I will not.

Stop insisting that I must give you the same amount of attention and praise as bodies of healthy weight.  I cannot.

Stop insisting that I must abide by your rules regarding what to say or not say to you and how to cater to your delicate fee fees.  I cannot.

Stop insisting that I’m a hater or shamer when I disagree with you.  I am not.

Apart from these, I wholly support you when you want to be healthier for the sake of your loved ones.  I agree that you should be extended the same courtesy as everyone else.  I don’t believe in treating you as any less than a human being.  I will never harm you.  But I don’t like being dictated to, understand?

A relative who I love dearly got very ill because she abandoned her previous healthy eating habits and decided to live it up since she was older.  Wrong move.  We nearly lost her.  I almost went crazy with grief at the hospital.  The strokes haunt me to this very day, even though she’s now discharged from hospital and out of danger.

When you almost lose someone so important to you, you want to prevent others from suffering from the same fate.  This is the reason I’m doing this.  I bloody don’t want anyone to suffer the way she is still suffering.  So take your dumb fat politics elsewhere.  I will never agree to it, so let’s just agree to disagree like adults.

Wishing you fun,



How fashion can be all-inclusive

There have been calls to drop the plus, so that there is no longer the dichotomy between plus size and straight size women.  For a brief while, 2 ladies started the #droptheplus campaign, but it wasn’t popular enough to go viral.  In recent months, Ashley Graham has been very vocal about not wanting to be known as a plus size model and simply being called a model.

Other high-profile plus size bloggers voiced their disagreement in their blogs, including Fat Heffalump.  They rightly stated that they need to know where the plus size section is in shops and what shops cater to the plus size community so that they can maximise their shopping time.

I agree that the fashion industry shouldn’t #droptheplus.  Although I can see where Ashley Graham and those of her mindset are coming from, it just isn’t beneficial to the fat community.  Fashion can be all-inclusive if we look at it holistically instead of simply narrowing our views down to whether retailers are catering to plus sizes or not.


Simply put, it’s not feasible for retailers to lump all sizes together.  Imagine the mess and confusion shoppers will face when they want to try on clothes.  They’ll also wander into shops not knowing whether or not these shops cater strictly to straight size or plus size women!

Fashion can be made inclusive.  How?  When cute designs for straight size women are also available for plus sizes and vice versa. Straight size shops carry them for petite women and plus size shops for heavyweight beauties.  I’ve seen some of Ashley Graham’s swimwear and boy do I wish those designs are available in straight size shops!  They’re so darned sexy!

It’s wonderful that fat women can now choose from a variety of crop tops, high waist shorts, bodycon dresses, bandage dresses and colourful fatkinis.  There isn’t a need to #droptheplus.  As long as everyone gets to wear different styles together, fashion can still be inclusive and for all.

Wishing you fun,


The Rabbit Stash

Antho is a prominent lawyer and a good friend.  Due to his hectic schedule, we try to schedule catch ups whenever we can.  Lawyers have to attend trials on a regular basis; thus, whenever they can, they indulge in good food, good wine, good music and good company.  Antho is no different; plus he loves sexy women! 😛

For the record, my friend is married with a daughter.  He adores his beautiful wife and cherubic princess.  But like any man, he has platonic lady friends who help him unwind after a long trial.  This was a restaurant where he took his wife on a date and he knew he just HAD to take me there!



What a beautiful ambience!  The place was comfortably private on a weekday, so we had almost the entire place to ourselves when Antho took me here to sample the tasty  and exquisite cuisine!


Friends for 10 years now, Antho is as mischievous as ever!  Like any normal man, he appreciates women who take care of themselves.  It doesn’t mean we need to resemble Victoria’s Secret perfection; it just means that we ooze confidence and vitality like a normal, healthy human being.


We started with a chilled melon drink.


Followed by light and crispy wanton skins topped with tuna mousse and caviar and potato croquettes.


Smoked meatballs whetted our appetites for more!


A light and frothy truffle cappucino was delightful.


Melon balls topped with golden caviar, sundried tomatoes and egg yolk drops with crisp dehydrated kale.


Kill me delicious lobster bisque.


Cleansing our palates with sorbet topped with rice krispies.


Heavenly melt-in-your-mouth-tender lamb chops.


And a wonderful chocolate dessert!

Oh yes oh yes, there was dessert!  Did you think I wouldn’t touch it??? 😛  I told you so, just because one eats healthily doesn’t mean complete denial of decadent desserts!  It also doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice a healthy social life! : )  Now do you believe the HAES advocates’ lies?

During lunch, Antho admired photos I’d taken of my progress relating to healthy living.  He agreed that being healthy is part and parcel of leading a quality life.  Nothing is out-of-bounds nor banned; one only needs to consume in moderation and everything will be fine.


ALL men, regardless of whether they’re married or not, admire women with discipline.  It’s the traits and values that they care about, not so much perfect physiques.  Antho is completely in love with his wife, but that didn’t stop him from paying me compliments.  What is wrong with that?

Nothing.  And you know what?  It makes me feel damn good.

Wishing you fun,


Clothes for skinny minnies

If you’ve drooled over the fashion entries, it’s time to lust after some Korean styles! : )  Korean clothes are very good quality and last for quite some time.  You’ve probably seen enough dresses, so let’s take a look at skirts this time : )  I’m a huge fan of girly skirts too!

Pomelo Fashion has quite a good range of dresses and separates.  Whenever I visit the website, it’s so hard to decide what I want because there’re just too many that I’m tempted to buy 😛  Usually, I end up purchasing far too many items 😛  Take a look for yourself!

Yes, who wears denim skirts anymore, right?  But how do you resist them when they’re this cute?

I like the fact that there’s some colour : )  It’s very hard looking at these items and refrain from buying 😛

Korea, like Japan and Hong Kong, is a very dressy society.  American fat feminists will refer to it as ‘lookism’ but that’s reality.  Singapore is at least more tolerant regarding appearances.  Pop by the website if you want to see more.  They have some fabulous dresses as well : )

Wishing you fun,


Political correctness – the ‘don’t hurt my fee fees!’ syndrome

During the times I spent in the US – both residing there and short visits – I fell in love with the friendly people, the culture, the food and, of course, the wonderful fashion!  It was glamourous, it was exciting, it was fast-paced and it was a fascinating eye-opener for lil’ ol’ me!

Although it’s been years since I stayed there, I remember everything with fondness.  However, as I read more and more about body positivity, fat acceptance, new-age feminism and social justice, I realise, with dismay, that everything I loved about America is fast disappearing.

The US was what brought us beloved comedy sitcoms like Friends and Will & Grace.  Even Ally McBeal contained doses of humour that raised many a chuckle.  Political correctness wasn’t so rampant then and, honestly, it was way more fun.  If I’d only visited the country now, I probably wouldn’t like it at all.


In today’s politically correct climate, one can unintentionally hurt somebody else’s fee fees simply by existing.  Slender women certainly do; just look at the hoohaa surrounding Protein World when it erected the controversial ad billboard in New York!  The same went for its 2016 New Year advertisement.

You can’t call an obese person ‘obese’, because… fee fees.  You can’t say a person’s lifestyle is unhealthy because… fee fees.  You can’t point out a person’s yucky dress sense highlighting figure flaws and hugely obvious visible belly outlines because… fee fees.

And God forbid you correctly state that Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, Whitney Thore and Tess Holliday are fat!  Watch out as the witches shriek their lungs out at you!  In this day and age, nothing is funny anymore.  You can’t make fun of anything because somebody’s delicate fee fees will be hurt.

I loved America.  Alas, I don’t like the millenials’ attitude.  If you can’t say this and you can’t say that, your freedom is taken away from you.  Isn’t that worse than prison life?

Wishing you fun,


Good riddance to bad rubbish

Well, well, well, whaddya know? 😀

Remember I wrote about the fat western bully who made life hell for my team and me, egged on by the 2 obese unglam female colleagues?  Rumours have been strong in recent weeks that his days with the organisation are numbered.  When we heard the news, we bloody well rejoiced! 😀

It’s still too early to pop the champagne, but we agreed that, once it’s official, some of us will head for that glass of champagne and let our hair down.  Till then, we’re eagerly counting down the days till he can no longer make our lives a living hell.  Sure, it still sucks to have to deal with him, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Nasty people are horrid, so excuse the very smug look 😛  Ok, scratch that, the smug look was done intentionally for the purpose of this entry 😛  What a year the Year of the Monkey has turned out to be!  I’ve said good riddance to bad rubbish to 2 of the nastiest and most disliked colleagues (including Mr Fat Western Bully).

I wonder whether the 2 obese unglams will also say goodbye this year? 😛

Who knows? 😛

Wishing you fun,


Fat people are not dumber

There are studies which claim that slim people are smarter than fat ones.  Naturally, the fat community was offended by the findings and wrote many retaliatory articles pointing out the flaws in the studies and the experiments they conducted.  I don’t blame them; nobody wants to be called stupid.

Are the studies correct?  Personally, I don’t think so.  They left out a very important factor when they carried out the experiments with fat and slim people – lethargy.  There’re days when my man has to sacrifice sleep due to his work.  Sometimes he goes without rest for more than 24 hours.

By the time my man gets home, he has delayed reactions to what I say to him.  His mind doesn’t process the words well and it takes longer for him to actually comprehend the meaning behind my words.  Conversely, when he’s well rested, his mind is quick, agile and he responds immediately when we talk.


The people who conducted the experiments didn’t say whether those who took part had just eaten, what they’d consumed and whether they were fatigued.  Generally, fat people get tired more easily and quicker than slim people, so that could’ve been a contributing factor to the results of those studies.

I don’t think fat people are stupid.  After all, many who’re overweight can also be rich and successful.  The studies are inherently flawed and the fat community is justifiably angry at being called stupid because of their weight.  It’s just another example of prejudice they preach about.

However, it is important to lead healthy lives because that leads to healthy minds.  When we consume proper foods that provide our bodies with nutrients, we think quicker, we react faster and we’re better decision-makers too.  Healthy bodies, healthy minds.  This should be encouraged instead.

Wishing you fun,