Cherry’s stunning weight loss

I’ve mentioned Cherry’s successful weight loss a number of times in this blog.  So many body positive activists claim that most people fail to shed the pounds and, even if they do, they cannot maintain it.  Well, not my determined and disciplined cousin-in-law, nah uh! 😛


That’s Cherry in the middle, with a cushion in her lap to hide her belly.  Before adopting healthier eating habits, she was frumpy, dumpy and tired all the time and it showed.  She had to hide behind long and shapeless dresses instead of wearing the sexy outfits she so loves.

After she decided to give my lifestyle a try, she went down 2 dress sizes from an Asian XL to M!  Her Facebook profile is flooded with photos of a healthier, radiant body in more form-fitting clothes.  Boy does she ooze body confidence now!  Don’t believe me, take a look!


In the size M skorts I gave her : )

So ladies, you’re not doomed to fail.  Reading so many articles about weight loss failure fills you with negativity.  Instead, I’m sharing with you uplifting success stories.  If it can change the life of just 1 more woman, then it will be worth it.  You can succeed, you can feel good, you can be body confident.

Just like Cherry.

Just like me.

I wish you all the best.

Wishing you fun,



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