#realbeauty #vbo – All women can rock the bandage dress!

The boss of iconic fashion label, Herve Leger, offended the body positive community when he bluntly stated that fat women don’t belong in his famous bandage dresses.  The ladies sniped back that they wouldn’t wear them anyway, since they were way over-priced.

I truly believe that one pays for quality.  The fabric used for those fabulously expensive dresses is thick enough and the stitches sturdy enough to hold, nip and tuck everything in place so that all one presents is a flawless silhouette.  No wonder women go crazy over those bandage dresses!

For those of us not willing to splurge on solely ONE dress, there’re many more affordable copies out there.  I got this from Topazette and it cost less than S$50/-!  We get what we pay for, so the fabric is thin, similar to what is used for a bodycon dress.  I’m proud to report – no Spanx needed! 😛


The body positive community defiantly rocked the crop when O magazine stated they shouldn’t.  Sara Petty hit back against fat shamers who said 200 pound women shouldn’t wear bikinis, crop tops and booty shorts by wearing them and sharing the photos.

So why haven’t women defiantly rocked the bandage dress?  C’mon, be inspirational!

Wishing you fun,



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