Crazy Elephant!

Anthony and I caught up over some tasty snacks and drinks at Crazy Elephant at Clarke Quay.  The night was cool and breezy, so we sat outside to enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds and gazed at passers-by.  The wait staff was pleasant and obliging, so it made our dining experience even more enjoyable : )


The ridiculous body positive community claims that if you eat healthily, you’ll end up sacrificing your social life.  That’s ridiculous.  As mentioned in the past entry with the Lees, real friends will support your decision and accommodate you.  On cheat days, you can then indulge in some sinful food!


Seriously, fries with liquid cheese and sour cream?  You really believe you have to sacrifice yummy treats like this when you adopt better eating habits?  You don’t!  You just need to allocate days for such food.  My cheat days occur on weekends and that’s when I meet friends who like eating these dishes!


Deep fried crispy spring rolls?  Bring them on!  After Anthony stopped eating, I was still picking at the food 😛  And did you see that huge glass of beer in the first photo?  Yup, you don’t even need to give up alcohol if you enjoy your booze!  I love that icy cold beer and glass of champagne as much as you do!  And I drink it!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I’ll show you that you don’t need to give up your social life and you can have treats this year.  Last year, I shared healthy eating habits.  So do yourself a favour and give yourself that fighting chance.

Remember.  Losers whine; winners do.  This is why winners don’t scream about oppression.

Wishing you fun,



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