Fat chicks try harder

Many have quoted this phrase in various forums and online articles but is it true?  I’ve observed the behaviour of some lady friends who aren’t slim but who aren’t that obese either.  Take for example, Amanda.  I introduced her to a friend, Alf, as she was looking for a boyfriend.


When Amanda met Alf (a very rich and eligible bachelor), she fell for him instantly, hook, line and sinker.  She started texting him everyday and sulked when he didn’t readily respond.  She tried to set dates with him but he wasn’t available most of the time.  When we had a staycation, she even sent him photos of her naked breasts!  The horror!!!

Similarly, with Ms C, she makes more of an effort in the relationship with Mr C.  To be fair, she isn’t fat like Amanda.  In fact, she has a much better shape, with large breasts, wide hips and a smaller waist.  Still, because he prefers thin and athletic women, she’s had to put in a lot more work.

My man wooed me right from the start of our relationship.  He paid on dates and continues to do so today.  Once in awhile, I’ll pamper him back with a staycation or pay for a nice hotel when we have short getaways abroad, but most of the time, he’s proud to be the man in the relationship.


Michelle and Jason were acquaintances.  I knew them through a good friend, Ms Ah.  Michelle is rather fat and flabby and she also had to put in a lot more effort during their courtship days.  She would hang around him and make an effort to spend time with him.  She introduced him to her circle as well.  Yes, they got married but she always had to do the work.

Perhaps it’s the reason people say that fat chicks try harder.  Maybe it’s true.  What is so bad about that, however?  They may be fat, but it doesn’t make them any less human and they want love just like slim women do.  If they need to do more, they should be appreciated instead of criticised.

Wishing you fun,



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