A romantic date!

My man had been away for almost 3 months.  Although I missed him, he had to do what needed to be done.  In the meantime, there were hobbies, family, friends and work to take up my time.  Still, the reunion was sweet after so long.  He was keen to take me out on a date!


We headed to Full Pint Brewery along the East Coast, a casual chic joint near the beach.  He liked the spacious restaurant and the live band playing good music when we arrived : )  It was a time for celebration, so we ordered delicious bar snacks and our drinks.  I had the yummy strawberry cider.


This is what I ate.


Breaded calamari


Sesame wings

They added some Japanese spices to the calamari batter, so it was pretty good.  The chicken wings here are truly delicious!  Boy did I tuck in while it was hot!  But better yet, it was wonderful to have my man beside me again, enjoying every minute of our date together.


The feminists may view me with contempt for being happy with my man, but it’s true that nothing can replace a loving bond, especially not hook-up culture.  Looking forward to more dates! : )

Wishing you fun,



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