Clothes for skinny minnies

Yen Ling and I are notorious in the office for our ever-changing wardrobes.  Everyday, we look forward to checking out what the other is wearing.  It didn’t occur to us that others also noticed that we wear different outfits to office regularly!  When we receive thank you notes from our temp staff, they almost always commented on our fashion sense 😛

Eunice, 1 of my favourite temps, said that Yen Ling and I hardly ever repeat an outfit.  It’s terrible to shop together because we somehow end up buying more than when we shop separately 😛  It helps that we’re honest with each other about whether a dress is flattering or not.


Separately, we frequently buy our clothes online and there’re so many shops offering beautiful clothes that we’re spoiled for choice!  Another website which I visit often and buy dresses from is Fayth.  Although they carry a smaller selection than other websites I’d recommended, they still have very pretty designs AND they update their stock weekly!

Hayley Midi Dress

Soiree Lace Peplum Top

Atlas Marble Dress

Pretty gal.  Pity about the feminist scowl 😛

Jayne Off Shoulder Dress

Sheraton Dress

I bought these.  They’re VERY nice!!! ❤

Camille Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

Clarke Crochet Skirt

Rachelles Off Shoulder Dress

There’s nothing like pretty and feminine clothes to perk up your mood.  Everyone has their own way of coping with stress.  Some indulge in comfort eating or binges.  For Yen Ling and me, it’s shopping and buying up a ton of pretty outfits!  So check out the website for many more beautiful designs and keep an eye on your wallet 😛

Wishing you fun,



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