Active weekends

In the previous entry, I promised to show you how active we are on weekends.  Part of the secret to not ballooning to 400 lbs is how much you move about.  By ‘active’, I don’t mean punishing gym workouts or strenuous activity.  It just means not lying in bed or sitting on the couch for long periods.

It’s easy to hop into a car and drive to the nearest store to grab what you want.  However, by choosing to walk instead, your body will use up far more calories than you realise!  I don’t frequent the gym and, due to my old injury, can’t participate in very strenuous exercise.  But just being hyper-active and unable to sit still for hours helps.  A lot! 😛


So, a typical weekend.  My man and I wake up early and have our coffee at the balcony, breathing fresh morning air and relaxing.  We stroll to the market to shop for groceries – food for weekday dinners and other necessities.  After buying these, we stop for a quick breakfast and stroll back home.  The amount of time spent strolling?  About 40 minutes in total, including browsing in the market.

Once we’re back home, we busy ourselves with chores.  I have a shit ton of clothes (compulsive shopaholic here :P) and there’re many items that are given away after I’ve worn them once or twice.  So this is the time that I pack them in bags to be given to Cherry, my cousin-in-law.  Time taken to pack?  About 10 to 15 minutes depending on how much there is to give away.

I cook lunch or sometimes my man buys food for us.  We take a nap after eating.  When we wake, I power walk over to my parents’ to visit my sick relative.  Then I power walk back again.  Time taken to power walk to and fro?  About 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the speed.

After getting home, it’s time for a lovely shower followed by a night out, or we have beers and good food at home with a movie.

Other times, in the afternoons, we take my cousin, K, Cherry and the niece out for lunch, followed by either swimming or bowling.  These activities usually take about an hour or so.  This is how I’m not afraid to eat AND am able to remain a size 0.  No obsessive calorie-counting.  No excessive gym workouts.

Slender people don’t have some well kept secret to remain thin; we just move our bodies more than those who become obese.  If you’ve had difficulty shedding weight, try moving about a little more.  It doesn’t mean a punishing gym regime.  It just means getting off the couch.

I wish you all the best.

Wishing you fun,



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