Eat those meats!

The body positive message has spread its way across Asia.  Statistics show that the world is getting fatter as countries claw their way out of poverty and people have more money to spend.  Improper eating habits, the ready availability of food high in taste but low in nutrition and increasing sedentary lifestyles have led to larger girths.

Fortunately, the obesity levels in Asia haven’t risen as much as in western countries, in part due to many of us being raised to cook healthy and nutritious meals at home.  We indulge in cuisines that use mostly fresh food and that includes delicious roasted meats! 😀


Juicy roasted duck, tender stewed chicken and crisp roasted pork! 😀

My man and I shared this while having our beers.  As you can see, it isn’t a small portion by any means.  We aren’t afraid to eat and we DO eat quite a lot! 😛  However, our lives are active.  It’s how we remain a healthy weight.  I’ll share just how much we move about on a typical weekend very soon : )

We’re not born equal; some of us have smaller skeletal frames and can’t get away with being too heavy.  Those with larger bones tend to look gaunt if they’re too skinny.  We don’t have the same metabolisms.  However, we can do the best we can to be as healthy as we can.

For those of you having difficulty shedding the weight, I’ll share with you a slice of our active lives.  Perhaps it can help you and I hope it does : )

Wishing you fun,



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