Every woman can #rockthecrop

Oprah Winfrey, the much beloved daytime talkshow host, is a dynamic, strong and very successful woman.  Her magazine, O, dispenses fashion advice to fashionistas and focuses on women’s issues.  Sometime back, the magazine offended the body positive community when it stated that only certain body types can wear crop tops.

As an act of rebellion, tons of women participated in the #rockthecrop campaign by posting Instagram photos of themselves in crop tops.  Demonstrating impeccable fashion sense, they paired these adorable teensy weensy tops with a variety of gorgeous bottoms!

With the weather getting unbearably hot, I’m a huge fan of crop tops at the moment.  This was my outfit when out on a date with my man at a restaurant near the beach.  Comfort is good, but it doesn’t mean that one has to compromise stylishness, right?  Right 😛


In case you’re wondering where I got the cute top and shorts from, it’s from 1 of the shops I recommend when posting about clothes for skinny minnies.  Speaking of that, there hasn’t been a post featuring pretty clothes in ages.  I promise to write about that very soon 😛

In the meantime, don’t stop looking good and #rockthecrop as often as you can now that the searing heat is causing everything and everyone to wither 😛

Wishing you fun,



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