Cooking again : )

When this blog was in its infancy, I included more recipes which my man adores.  However, after my relative became very sick, I had to tend to her and didn’t have as much time to make those meals he loves so much.  Lovely partner that he is, he didn’t complain and gave me full support when I cared for her.

However, witnessing the torment Mr C put my friend, Ms C, through, was a reminder that my man should be pampered for being stoic and a wonderful pillar of support when things got tough.  So when there was the opportunity, I said I would make him the smoked salmon scramble with truffle oil.

The sweetheart was so excited that he immediately headed to the supermart and bought the smoked salmon and eggs, then waited eagerly for me to start cooking.  As I melted the butter and cooked the beaten eggs, I heard him humming happily.  It was such a sweet moment : )


My man relished every mouthful of the eggs! 😀  When he pampered me with a restaurant meal, 1 of the dishes I requested was eggs.  When he tasted it, he commented that, “My baby’s eggs still taste better.”  How lovely is it to have our partners appreciate our cooking? : )

Any traditional woman will tell you that having her spouse prefer her food to what professional chefs dish up outside is the best feeling in the world.  You see, who would know our partners’ tastes better than we do?  How would anyone else know exactly how they prefer something as simple as eggs done?

Now that my sick relative is better and there’s more time, I fully intend to resume cooking for my man.  For all the support he’s given, he fully deserves dishes simmered, stewed, braised and fried with utmost tender loving care : )

Wishing you fun,



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