Another success story!

I was browsing through some articles the other day when, in the comments section, there was a dude with the nick Cujucuyo arguing with some body positive activists spewing the usual fatlogic.  From there, we had an enjoyable discussion about losing weight and being healthy.

He shared that he used to be overweight.  Did he love himself?  Of course he did.  Did he feel good?  Instead of faking happiness and confidence like the body positive community, he admitted he didn’t feel good at all.  He didn’t think he look good in clothes.  He said that going to the beach was hell.

After successfully shedding those pesky pounds?  He radiates confidence and happiness.  He stated that going to the beach is great.  He feels so much better about himself now that he refuses to allow himself to be fat again and is working on himself so that he won’t end up in that unhappy old state.


I’m always happy to hear others’ success stories.  To witness their transformation, to know how much better they feel, to know that they can spread the word and give hope to more folks, these are all positive things!  Rather than be exposed to failure story after failure story about weight loss, those who want to give it a try know that there’re people who achieved it out there.

Healthy eating doesn’t work?  Moving more doesn’t work?  Bullshit.  The body positive activists can bristle like mean, hissy cats when called out on their lies, but nothing can change the fact that they failed because they gave up too easily or just didn’t do something right.  Their egos are so huge that they can’t accept that they did something wrong.

But you can get it right!  I’ll share Shelia’s success story soon.  She’s been doing this for less than a month but has seen a little progress and she’s delighted!  I want you to feel the exact same way.

Wishing you fun,



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