What men think of our weight

Andy and I caught up over salted egg yolk chicken, prawn paste chicken wings and stir-fried venison.  He’s recently divorced and looking to date, but it doesn’t mean he can’t take time out from searching for his soul mate to meet a friend : )  He shared some of his experiences and they were a hoot! 😛

Andy’s in his early 40s, but he’s open to meeting ladies a few years older.  1 of these women freaked him out by telling him she really liked him and, if he felt the same way, they could consider getting married.  All this, within 3 months of spending time together!  I nearly fainted from laughing too much 😛

The subject turned to weight.  Like many men, Andy expects his future partner to take care of herself.  She doesn’t need to be flawless; just not blimp out.  There’re some women who allow themselves to steadily grow fatter, till they tip the weighing scales at 350 pounds.  You may refer to Ms Tess Holliday as an example.


Most men aren’t as shallow as women make them out to be.  If their partners take pride in their appearance enough not to be an obese slob, most of them can accept that their wives may put on weight after giving birth.  What they can’t accept, however, is letting oneself go till one doesn’t resemble a human being any longer.

Andy had me in hysterics when he put it extremely crudely – “I don’t want a fat toad s***ing my d***.”  Yes, it’s gross and I told him so, but perhaps some men are brutally honest with friends, even if we ladies blush and scream.  That’s how dudes in general feel about it.

Men aren’t looking for someone skeletal or stick thin.  Yes, they do want some meat on the bones.  However, they prefer women who look like they take care of their bodies, regardless of size.  This is why turning into a blimp or what another friend, En Lai, terms ‘humanatee’, is unacceptable to most guys who have standards.

Wishing you fun,



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