Fat is the new sexy

I get it, I get it.  Fat is the new sexy.  How can I not get it when obese and large as trucks models and celebrities like Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, Adele, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson are celebrated and promoted – ad nauseum – everytime they are photographed? *bleah*

Armed with the belief that men have been conditioned by the media to find slim bodies attractive, the misinformed body positive community has championed the inclusion of fat bodies in modelling and movie/TV/music work.  Each time these models and celebrities appear, they flood the comments sections of articles with ‘She’s gorgeous!’, ‘She’s beautiful!’, ‘This is what a real woman should look like’ and other barf-inducing remarks.

Sorry, not buying it.  Thankfully, quite a number of dudes are also not buying it.  Of course, those who won’t support their unhealthy lifestyles and hefty sizes are shamed relentlessly for disagreeing that these models and celebrities are attractive.  Well, we don’t find them attractive, period!


There’s nothing wrong with preferring to see a flat belly and a waist that doesn’t need to be cinched so much in order to force the fat in place and create the illusion of curves.  I mean, what happens when the belt is undone and the humongous watermelon belly is revealed?  No wonder guys feel cheated!

There’s nothing wrong with preferring to look at trim, taut and toned thighs instead of wobbly ones, each the size of a cow’s leg (here’s looking at you, Ms Proudly Size 16 Ashley Graham! :D).  We shouldn’t be shamed for our preferences and for not finding these heavyweights attractive.

Accuse us of not being progressive all you want.

Accuse us of fat shaming all you want but not finding your obese body attractive =/= hatred for fat people

If fat is the new sexy, count me out.

Wishing you fun,



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