Does a man love you? Part 2

I wrote about Ms C a little while back.  As mentioned, Ms C is a strong and independent woman who has a stable career and is assertive and firm.  Mr C is someone she dates but has a lot of problems with, as she’s more emotionally invested in the relationship than he is.

So after Mr C readily spent more on me than he does on Ms C (and he only does when they quarrel or when she forces him to), the 3 of us went for drinks and food on a Saturday night.  Guess what happened?  She footed the bill.  Later, I ordered an extra glass of wine but said point blank that I would pay for it.

When the bill for my wine came, Mr C took it and paid.  I thanked him, of course.  It was a nice gesture, but it wasn’t good for Ms C.  When she asked him to split her bill with him the next day, he was extremely unhappy and they had another argument.  Yet, she still chose to remain with him.


I felt terrible for causing them to quarrel; however, the problem was Mr C’s stingy attitude towards Ms C.  I’m usually happy to pay when out with Ms C since she’s nice towards me.  But I wasn’t about to pay for him since she’d told me so much about his callous attitude towards her.

When Ms C told me about their fight, I offered to split the food bill with her instead but she would have none of it.  I also offered to pay Mr C back for the wine but she refused and stated that he ought to pay.  There are so many instances of his stinginess towards her and making use of her as a driver that it’s obvious he doesn’t care very much for her at all and is with her because of the perks he enjoys.


Ms C cooked dinner for Mr C over a public holiday long weekend but instead of paying for the groceries, he made her foot the bill.  When she calculated what he spent on movie tickets and a MacDonald’s meal versus what she spent in terms of petrol, parking fees, the food for 3 of us the night before and the groceries, she spent 3 times more than he did.

Naturally, Ms C is very unhappy.  It’s unlikely that she’ll ask me for help to talk to Mr C the next time they have an argument.  I can understand her reasons; after all, his behaviour was unacceptable.  It’s just unfathomable why she still chose to stick with this jerk.


Nevertheless, Ms C is my friend.  Maybe she isn’t ready to leave this horrible guy yet.  But I do hope she eventually works up the courage to walk away.  She’s a wonderful partner who can make a man very happy.  She deserves better.

Wishing you fun,



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