Hotpot with the Lees!

I’ve been friends with the Lees for years now.  We’ve supported and encouraged one another during this time.  They were also understanding when I couldn’t meet them for a while so that I could care for my sick relative.  Now that she’s on her way to recovery, I have more time on my hands.  It’s time to catch up with friends!


Happy to see one another again! : )  Ms Ah’s poor husband, Zhiwei, was roped in as camera man 😛  There was so much to talk about and share our news.  I also got to see their new home, which they moved into at the end of last year, shortly after my relative’s stroke.



What a lot of tasty food they prepared! 😀  We tucked into the flavourful soup, dipping the ingredients into the broth till they were cooked, then spooning the tasty, piping hot soup into our bowls!  I ate so much pork and veggies, I was about to burst after our very enjoyable meal!


We settled comfortably on the couch and I showed them some cool videos sent by other friends.  They also shared with me some of their news and interesting things they’ve read or seen.  We spent a lovely few hours just enjoying one another’s company and having fun!


So who says our social lives will suffer if we choose to eat healthily?  Real friends will be supportive of our decisions and accommodate us.  The Lees specially bought pork and veggies just for me!  This is true friendship.  Those prepared to ditch you because you choose a different lifestyle aren’t genuine friends anyway.

No loss if they leave, yah? : )

Wishing you fun,



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