Starbucks snacks!

In Reddit and in the comments section of articles about fat shaming or body positivity, some people mention that obese people got the way they are because they frequent Starbucks.  But does the popular coffee chain deserve the blame for their customers being fat?

Don’t think so.  You see, I’m a huge Starbucks fan and, ever since an outlet opened at the ground level of our office, I’ve visited almost daily for latte and snacks.  Despite this, I’ve managed to remain a size 0, 5’4″ and never over 120 lbs and a BMI of between 19 to 21.


Salmon and broccoli quiche

From time to time, we have the mid-morning or mid-afternoon munchies.  A small snack is just the right thing to nibble on while we wait till it’s time for our next square meal.  I have 3 meals a day and satisfy that growling tummy with 2 snacks in between whenever necessary.


Triple turkey pie

There’s a small selection of tasty pies and quiches at Starbucks.  Plus, they’re mostly quite healthy and nutritious.  Snacks don’t necessarily fatten us up.  In fact, they can be very satisfying, yet provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients and keep us full at the same time!


Egg, chicken, spinach and mushroom muffin

Life isn’t fun when we feel hungry.  Rather than try to bear with the discomfort, why shouldn’t we have that small snack when it’s all proper food?


Sweet potato shepherd’s pie

Their snacks contain wholesome goodness which nourish our bodies.  Why push the blame to Starbucks when other customers can frequent their outlets AND remain at a healthy weight?  If we don’t guzzle their frappaccinos like water, if we choose good food, we won’t grow fat!


Smoked salmon and egg wrap

How can a wrap, chockful with veggies, eggs and salmon, be bad for us?  All the above are snacks that I regularly eat in between meals along with a coffee and it hasn’t caused me to balloon to the size of barnyard animals!  They also fit in with my healthy eating habits on weekdays.

So stop blaming Starbucks for obesity.  If we take responsibility for what we consume, there’s no reason to be fat.

Wishing you fun,



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