Yes, Amy Schumer, you ARE plus size

Amy Schumer’s precious fee fees were hurt when Glamour magazine included her in a special edition with other plus size celebrities.  The publication didn’t specifically label her plus size; in fact, they stated that these were women who’re inspirational to other regular women.

But Ms Self-Proclaimed size 6 to 8 threw a hissy fit and lambasted Glamour in Twitter.  Soon, her other plus size supporters joined in and pressured the magazine to apologise and bow to her hefty royal highness’ temper tantrum.  Geez, has that overly-sensitive cow forgotten that Glamour has always been her huge supporter???

How is she not plus size?  For goodness’ sake, she most definitely isn’t slender.  Besides, she’s been championing body positivity for some time now.  Her career is partly based on the fact that she doesn’t have the typical Hollywood beautiful body.  It’s what made her fans relate to her.

So if she’s a champion of body positivity, what is so wrong about being labelled plus size and being lumped in the same category as other plus size women?  Is she implying there’s something wrong with being plus size?  Is she implying that Ashley Graham is unattractive?


This isn’t plus size, Amy Schumer.  You are plus size.  Most men commenting about your body think so.  Plus size women CAN lead healthy and active lives.  They can look pretty attractive as well.  If you’re so keen to distance yourself from being plus size, you’re just a hypocrite cashing in on body positivity to fuel your popularity.

Put your money where your huge plus size mouth is and walk the talk.

Wishing you fun,



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