Feminine women have it easier

Fat feminists snark about feminine and slender women at every opportunity.  Perhaps I can understand the reasons they do so; after all, they need to try so much harder with men whereas we’re treated better, coddled and taken care of simply by being easygoing, flexible, girly and pleasant.

Recently, Ms C shared that she asked Mr C why men would do things for me so readily whereas she couldn’t manage the same.  His reply was that I was soft whereas she was like a man.  She complained that she was always the ‘man’ in her relationships and wished that she could be the woman.

Yet, it’s hard for Ms C to adopt a more feminine stance.  She’s used to being the strong and independent woman and changes take a long time to make.  She does cook, so at least she has some feminine touches and isn’t as masculine as the fat feminists who demand everything from men because… well, standards.

One has to wonder, however, whether the claim that these fat feminists make about being happy whilst being strong and independent is genuine.  If they really are as happy as they say, why would they bash slender and feminine women?  Wouldn’t they leave us alone as we do them?


To be fair, I’ve met many strong and independent women who’re great.  Ms C is 1 of them.  They can be extremely caring ladies who’ll fuss over and treat you very well.  As long as you look out for them in your own way, things are great.  In fact, many of them have a very soft core under that steely attitude.

There might be times when these tough women wish men would treat them better.  However, their personalities are the way they are – assertive and dynamic.  They are meant to be the rock people lean on during times of adversity.  When they’re showing the good traits of being strong and independent, it’s wonderful.

What goes wrong is when these tough women act abrasive and domineering.  Amanda is like this.  It’s a turn-off to most people; not only men.  Consequently, they find themselves abandoned and avoided because they seek to dominate and control in all types of relationships.

Yes, feminine women have it easier.  But it doesn’t mean that strong and independent women don’t have their place in the world.  They’re meant to be leaders and set a blazing trail for the rest of us.  As long as they don’t try to coerce others into doing things their way, all should be well.

Wishing you fun,



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