The problem doesn’t lie with plus-sized clothes

The body positive community added weight (pun FULLY intended) to their demands by joining together to force apparel retailers to include more plus sizes.  Open letter after open letter was posted until the poor retailers eventually caved in to appease these monstrous ‘beautiful personalities’.

So they wanted cute designs in plus sizes?  They got it.

They wanted cute designs in plus sizes that are cheap?  They got it.

Instead of being happy about getting their way, the body positive activists cum fatshion bloggers complain that the plus-sized clothes look like crap on their bodies when they were lovely on plus-sized models.  Instead of taking a good look at themselves and their bodies, they demanded more body diversity amongst models.

These are some photos from an article which appeared in Cosmopolitan Australia.

The lady on the left is the model; the 2 on her right ordered the clothes and tried them on with vastly different (and disappointing results).  Here’s a wake-up call: the problem doesn’t lie with the clothes!  Healthy weight women face the same problem and can’t wear anything and everything, hello?  What makes these entitled screechy brats think they can?

In Reddit, a student who studied making clothes wrote that the reason plus-sized clothing, especially in the really humongous sizes, is more expensive is due to the fact that an entirely new template/body pattern needs to be made in order to offer straight size apparel in bigger sizes because of the weight distribution in larger bodies.

The additional effort and man-hours needed to produce this leads to plus-sized clothes costing more than straight size ones.


Yellow top – just S$3/-!

When you’re at a healthy weight, even cheap clothes can look good on you.  There’re many more benefits to being healthy.  So why settle for mediocre when you can do even better than that?

Wishing you fun,



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