Does a man love you?

Fat feminists love to talk about their sexuality and how they have plenty of sex.  They also attack men on a regular basis, especially those who readily engage in promiscuity in the hopes of securing the men’s affection.  Hopping into bed with a man prematurely, however, frequently leads to unhappiness.

A friend, who I’ll call Ms C, had her heart broken by a dude.  She’d given her heart too readily and engaged in sexual relations with him very early on.  The man treated her like crap and only met her when he wanted something from her.  It took her 6 months to recover from the trauma.

Recently, she started dating another dude.  Let’s call him Mr C.  When Ms C told me about him, I warned her against sleeping with him too soon.  She didn’t listen, however.  They started being in a relationship, but it became apparent that he wasn’t ready to invest himself emotionally at all.

Mr C made Ms C pay for most of their meals and drive him around.  When she tried to make him pay for his share, he refused and became difficult.  Then he turned around and readily splurged on a night with me.  I didn’t accept his advances, of course, since Ms C is my friend and I wouldn’t snatch her boyfriend.


After making Ms C pay for a bowl of soup noodles that costs less than S$5/-, Mr C then turned around and readily spent over S$100/- on beers and food for me.  That was when I told Ms C that she should be careful as she was far more emotionally invested in their relationship than he was.

Mr C also made Ms C wait when they were supposed to meet and only let her know at the very last minute.  When he met me, however, he was keen with follow through and texted me constantly before that.  He was charming and happy to act as the man, whereas with Ms C, he let her do all the work.

Ms C has chosen to remain with the guy, but I’ve stopped talking to him after knowing what he’s like.  It’s scary what kind of men are out there.  I’m just glad that my man readily spends on me, the way it’s supposed to be.  Ms C is a strong and independent woman; I hope she finds a man who’s a good match soon.

Wishing you fun,



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