Cherry’s stunning weight loss

I’ve mentioned Cherry’s successful weight loss a number of times in this blog.  So many body positive activists claim that most people fail to shed the pounds and, even if they do, they cannot maintain it.  Well, not my determined and disciplined cousin-in-law, nah uh! 😛


That’s Cherry in the middle, with a cushion in her lap to hide her belly.  Before adopting healthier eating habits, she was frumpy, dumpy and tired all the time and it showed.  She had to hide behind long and shapeless dresses instead of wearing the sexy outfits she so loves.

After she decided to give my lifestyle a try, she went down 2 dress sizes from an Asian XL to M!  Her Facebook profile is flooded with photos of a healthier, radiant body in more form-fitting clothes.  Boy does she ooze body confidence now!  Don’t believe me, take a look!


In the size M skorts I gave her : )

So ladies, you’re not doomed to fail.  Reading so many articles about weight loss failure fills you with negativity.  Instead, I’m sharing with you uplifting success stories.  If it can change the life of just 1 more woman, then it will be worth it.  You can succeed, you can feel good, you can be body confident.

Just like Cherry.

Just like me.

I wish you all the best.

Wishing you fun,



#realbeauty #vbo – All women can rock the bandage dress!

The boss of iconic fashion label, Herve Leger, offended the body positive community when he bluntly stated that fat women don’t belong in his famous bandage dresses.  The ladies sniped back that they wouldn’t wear them anyway, since they were way over-priced.

I truly believe that one pays for quality.  The fabric used for those fabulously expensive dresses is thick enough and the stitches sturdy enough to hold, nip and tuck everything in place so that all one presents is a flawless silhouette.  No wonder women go crazy over those bandage dresses!

For those of us not willing to splurge on solely ONE dress, there’re many more affordable copies out there.  I got this from Topazette and it cost less than S$50/-!  We get what we pay for, so the fabric is thin, similar to what is used for a bodycon dress.  I’m proud to report – no Spanx needed! 😛


The body positive community defiantly rocked the crop when O magazine stated they shouldn’t.  Sara Petty hit back against fat shamers who said 200 pound women shouldn’t wear bikinis, crop tops and booty shorts by wearing them and sharing the photos.

So why haven’t women defiantly rocked the bandage dress?  C’mon, be inspirational!

Wishing you fun,


Crazy Elephant!

Anthony and I caught up over some tasty snacks and drinks at Crazy Elephant at Clarke Quay.  The night was cool and breezy, so we sat outside to enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds and gazed at passers-by.  The wait staff was pleasant and obliging, so it made our dining experience even more enjoyable : )


The ridiculous body positive community claims that if you eat healthily, you’ll end up sacrificing your social life.  That’s ridiculous.  As mentioned in the past entry with the Lees, real friends will support your decision and accommodate you.  On cheat days, you can then indulge in some sinful food!


Seriously, fries with liquid cheese and sour cream?  You really believe you have to sacrifice yummy treats like this when you adopt better eating habits?  You don’t!  You just need to allocate days for such food.  My cheat days occur on weekends and that’s when I meet friends who like eating these dishes!


Deep fried crispy spring rolls?  Bring them on!  After Anthony stopped eating, I was still picking at the food 😛  And did you see that huge glass of beer in the first photo?  Yup, you don’t even need to give up alcohol if you enjoy your booze!  I love that icy cold beer and glass of champagne as much as you do!  And I drink it!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I’ll show you that you don’t need to give up your social life and you can have treats this year.  Last year, I shared healthy eating habits.  So do yourself a favour and give yourself that fighting chance.

Remember.  Losers whine; winners do.  This is why winners don’t scream about oppression.

Wishing you fun,


Happy girls are the prettiest!

Audrey Hepburn may have passed away, but her legacy lives on.  She was the epitome of femininity; her charm, grace, poise and beauty captivated the world.  1 of the things she said is particularly applicable today, in a world where social justice warriors conspire to make everyone as miserable and easily offended as them.

Happy girls are the prettiest.

I totally agree.  Happy people radiate positivity and joy.  People are drawn to their happy energy like bees to honey!  SJWs, on the other hand, are frequently miserable and very angry people.  Even when they do smile when the camera points in their direction, there’s a hardness in their eyes and steeliness in their mouths.

Case in point, Ragen Chastain and Melissa McEwan.  The long-term negativity and resentment they harbour inside of them shows on their faces.  They look mean and their blogs reflect their horrid, snarky thoughts as well.


Regardless of our size and weight, we can strive to be happy and confident people.  It’s that feminine and vibrant energy which softens our features, makes us more fun to be around and puts people at ease around us.  Regardless of our size and weight, we can strive to harbour good thoughts.

So was Audrey Hepburn right?  Absolutely!  She was demure, sweet and kind, which made her so beloved by the masses whereas Ragen Chastain and Melissa McEwan have tons of haters who dislike them.  Which would you rather be? : )  Food for thought.

Wishing you fun,


Pork belly stew recipe

In a previous entry, I mentioned cooking more often for my man.  Well, well, well, he made the most of my willingness to do so! 😛  He had a late sales appointment 1 night, which gave me more time to stew the meat and make it melt-in-the-mouth tender.  So he bought the fattiest pork belly he could find! 😛



Large slab of fatty pork belly

Sliced Chinese mushrooms

Chilli padi

Leftover stew gravy from any Chinese meat takeout

Chinese rice wine

Sesame oil


Poke holes in the pork belly and marinade it with the leftover stew gravy, Chinese rine wine and sesame oil overnight.  Melt butter at medium heat in a skillet and brown the meat for 3 to 5 minutes each side.  Reduce heat to low, pour in the remaining marinade and add a few chilli padi, then cover and simmer for 1.5 hours.  Add more marinade as needed to prevent drying/charring and turn the meat every half an hour.

Add the mushrooms, then cover and cook till the mushrooms are soft.  Increase the heat till high to bring the gravy to the boil, then quickly turn off heat, add a dash of Chinese rice wine and serve with rice and beer.


Wishing you fun,


Sombody called me curvy!

And he really, REALLY made my day!


Thank you for the confidence boost 😛

Wishing you fun,


Fat chicks try harder

Many have quoted this phrase in various forums and online articles but is it true?  I’ve observed the behaviour of some lady friends who aren’t slim but who aren’t that obese either.  Take for example, Amanda.  I introduced her to a friend, Alf, as she was looking for a boyfriend.


When Amanda met Alf (a very rich and eligible bachelor), she fell for him instantly, hook, line and sinker.  She started texting him everyday and sulked when he didn’t readily respond.  She tried to set dates with him but he wasn’t available most of the time.  When we had a staycation, she even sent him photos of her naked breasts!  The horror!!!

Similarly, with Ms C, she makes more of an effort in the relationship with Mr C.  To be fair, she isn’t fat like Amanda.  In fact, she has a much better shape, with large breasts, wide hips and a smaller waist.  Still, because he prefers thin and athletic women, she’s had to put in a lot more work.

My man wooed me right from the start of our relationship.  He paid on dates and continues to do so today.  Once in awhile, I’ll pamper him back with a staycation or pay for a nice hotel when we have short getaways abroad, but most of the time, he’s proud to be the man in the relationship.


Michelle and Jason were acquaintances.  I knew them through a good friend, Ms Ah.  Michelle is rather fat and flabby and she also had to put in a lot more effort during their courtship days.  She would hang around him and make an effort to spend time with him.  She introduced him to her circle as well.  Yes, they got married but she always had to do the work.

Perhaps it’s the reason people say that fat chicks try harder.  Maybe it’s true.  What is so bad about that, however?  They may be fat, but it doesn’t make them any less human and they want love just like slim women do.  If they need to do more, they should be appreciated instead of criticised.

Wishing you fun,