#BodyPositive 2016 – Stop shame culture

The body positive movement achieved much last year.  Tess Munster became the world’s first morbidly obese supermodel.  Ashley Graham became the first plus-sized model to be featured in Swimsuit Illustrated.

More and more heavy women feel comfortable enough to reveal their figure flaws in fatkinis, crop tops and other trendy apparel.  Clothing chains stocked their merchandise in larger sizes.  More plus-sized stores and designers offered overweight women much more fashion variety.

Fat shaming has declined.  While some bigger girls still report being humiliated on the streets and in public areas, these incidents have dwindled.  Bigger amusement park rides, reinforced seats and wider spaces are provided to cater to growing bodies.

It’s a huge achievement!


What should come next to improve relations between the obese and normal people?  What can earn them more acceptance and respect?  Perhaps what the body positive community should consider is to stop shame culture once and for all.

Heavy women should accept that not everyone is obligated to find their bodies attractive.  This is the reason there’s a saying ‘there is somebody for everybody’.  Slender women don’t shame men who prefer fuller figures, so why can’t our goodwill be reciprocated?

Obese women should accept that not everyone is obligated to agree with their eating habits, the research articles they quote and the claims that they hardly eat anything and run/swim miles but cannot lose any weight.

It’s time to stop labelling everything ‘fat shaming’.  Some of us actually accord the overweight the same amount of respect as everybody else.  What get us riled are the lies and delusions some HAES extremists spread.

What annoy us are the insults and insinuations that we’re ugly on the inside, lacking in compassion/empathy/kindness/whatever and we’re horrid people/haters/trolls/shamers just because we dare to disagree.  What irritates is the erasure of our freedom to voice our opinions on a public forum or platform.

The body positive community wants respect and acceptance.  Well, the solution is right before your eyes.  Do you want it enough?

Wishing you fun,



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