Fat girls need love too

If I’m really a fat hater, I wouldn’t have fat friends.  As it is, I do and enjoy their company very much.  However, the fatlogic spread by body positive activists is something I can’t agree with.  Encouraging people to adopt unhealthy lifestyles does a lot of harm to society.

It’s selfish of those who’ve given up on themselves to spread untruths such as healthy weight people needing to starve themselves in order to maintain their trim physiques.  Impressionable young people believe it and end up doing harm to themselves by stuffing their faces with junk food.

However, I do agree when I read the comment, ‘Fat girls need love too.’  Need.  Not deserve.  Being in a meaningful relationship and being cherished is 1 of the best things in life.  Why should women miss out on this just because they’re heavier?  Happily, many of them are able to find their significant others : )


There’re undeniably men out there who prefer heavy bodies and they shouldn’t be shamed for what they find attractive.  I certainly don’t shame them; they’re free to be with who they want.  Similarly, I don’t understand why some obese women shame guys who prefer women of healthy weight.  C’mon, be fair to them!  You have your taste, they have theirs.

Some of my fat friends found love and long term relationships.  I’m happy for them; it certainly is a good thing.  Those who haven’t, well, some of us think that they should have realistic standards – this applies not only to women, but men as well.  People need to have realistic expectations when dating : )

Still, to those larger ladies who managed to find love, good for you.  I wish you happiness.  Do spread the hope that others will also find their special someone.  What is life without hope?

Wishing you fun,



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