Short getaway to Melaka

It was the Good Friday long weekend.  My cousin, K, his wife, Cherry, his daughter, Noe and I drove up to Melaka for a wonderful short break, a comfortable stay at a spanking new hotel, sightseeing and good food!  You can see the food over at Team DBG soon, as I’ll be writing about how you can minimise weight gain while on vacation : )

In the meantime, here’s a peek at The Pines, Melaka! 😀




Such a delightfully spacious room! 😀



Bloody fantastic! 😀

After dumping our bags, it was time for dinner.  The drive there was exhausting as we were stuck in a looooooooong line at the Singapore and Malaysia customs and it took longer than usual to even reach Melaka.  The sight of a luscious buffet lifted our spirits tremendously!



There was so much variety, even a veggie counter where you can select your veggies and have them cooked the way you like it!  What was there to do but indulge?  We had plate after plate of delicious, nutritious food.


Cherry has dropped several dress sizes after adopting healthier eating habits that I introduced : )  She can now wear clothes that are more snug and, best of all, she feels lighter and more energetic!  After K saw the results, he, too, has started to make the changes to his own eating habits : )

The next day, we headed to the malls and shopped to our hearts’ content!  I bought a pair of pink torn shorts and Cherry was amazed that I took the smallest size at FOS and actually looked good in it!  I also bought a pair of pretty white skorts and 2 knitted tops.  Happy as…………! 😀

A holiday is relaxing and helps bond family together.  Looking forward to more getaways with them : )

Wishing you fun,



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