Is Tess Munster a good role model?

Growing up, we had our role models.  Mine were Grandma and Mummy.  From both, I learnt about the importance of grooming before stepping out of the house.  From each of them, I learnt different lessons.  Grandma inculcated proper eating habits by feeding me fresh food during childhood and ensuring that my meals were always balanced.  She encouraged me to pursue higher education and obtain a degree.

Mummy taught me the importance of being financially independent.  She showed by example what it is to lead a life of integrity, high moral values and principles.  She made sure Little Bro and I understood that nobody is obligated to us in life and that whatever we wanted, we needed to earn it – respect, accolades, achievements, money, etc.  In an environment where entitled millenials expect everything handed to them on a silver platter, we stood out with our ethics and willingness to work for what we want.

So now we come to Tess Munster.  Lauded as a role model and worshipped by fat activists for being the first (and most) obese supermodel, she started the massively successful #effyourbeautystandards campaign, which she tried to turn into a business by having the slogan printed on t-shirts, bags and other merchandise.  She has tons of followers and fans alike.


But is Ms Munster a good role model?  Late last year, she got into trouble when many of her supporters ordered those #effyourbeautystandard products but didn’t receive the goods they paid for.  When they tried to contact her using social media, they were blocked and effectively silenced.  It was only when they threatened a class action against her was she forced to issue a public apology.

She claimed that she wasn’t experienced at running a business and ran into logistics difficulties.  She claimed that the proceeds from the merchandise sold would go to charity but was forced to eat her words (along with all the pizzas and cupcakes she inhales) when it was exposed that not a single cent went to any charity.  In a nutshell, she gave excuses for her dishonesty like the excuses she gives for her unhealthy state.

What does this boil down to?  Greed.  Tess is as greedy for money as she is for food.  Gluttony is an ingrained trait in this morbidly obese woman.  So are those fat activists who relate to her and hail her as a role model just as greedy, unethical and shameless as her?  Is this why they identify with her?  We hold the people we admire as our role models.  With this parting shot, I let you decide.

Wishing you fun,



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