Our best gives us results – new post up!

In a previous entry, I shared that Cherry dropped 2 dress sizes after adopting a healthy lifestyle similar to mine.  All she did was eat balanced meals comprising fresh food and move about instead of being sedentary.  In just 5 months, she went from being an Asian size XL down to size M!

With more confidence, Cherry now flaunts her slimmer body in those brand new clothes I gave her.  Not only that, she shed inches of unhealthy visceral fat.  She’s delighted that she now has a waist and a flatter belly.  This is because she wanted to be healthy enough to put in sustained effort.

This isn’t The Biggest Loser.  I didn’t put her on some rigorous and punishing exercise regimen.  I didn’t force her to starve herself on ridiculously low calorie meals.  The last thing I want is for her to suffer from malnutrition!  Instead, the aim is to introduce her to healthy habits which she can teach my cousin and niece.


This week, over at Hype The Fitness, I show you the myth that the body positive community likes to perpetuate.  They claim that exercising only caused them to grow fatter.  You’ll find out the possible reasons for their failure to lose weight and you can avoid committing the same mistakes once you begin the journey.

Half-hearted attempts are not going to work.  Quick results achieved using extreme methods won’t work.  But if you’re determined enough, you’ll achieve steady progress and become the healthiest version of yourself.  With new-found confidence, you’ll want to pretty yourself up all the time!

If you claim to love yourself and your body, if you want to be around longer for your loved ones, if you want to lead a better quality life, then you’ll need to take that first step.  It might be daunting, but we’re here to give you the tips to get started.  After that, you can make changes on your own.

Start today!

Wishing you fun,



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