Girl times are so important!

While romantic relationships are meaningful, it’s important for us to cultivate our own friendships with women.  Much as our men love us, they still ‘cave time’ away from us.  We should allow them that space for their hobbies and whatever they want to do.  There’re many other things to occupy us in the meantime.

Having our own hobbies and friends help us maintain our identities.  Yes, we need our partners, but a symbiotic relationship never works in the long run.  We still need to remain who we are as individuals too.  I love catching up with the girls.  Like men, we talk about the issues important to us, which they, coming from Mars, will never understand 😛

While it’s fun to rib and tease one another when we’re interacting with the boys, it’s with the girls that we remember what it’s like to be women.  Well, that is if our friends are the feminine type 😛  I don’t know how to handle ‘strong and independent’ women 😛


With my girls, I can chat about all the girly things – clothes, gaining weight (bleah!), travel, pretty stuff, yadda yadda yadda.  And just as men complain about their partners, so do we girls when none of the guys are present 😛  It’s part and parcel of female bonding, if you will, and it’s perfectly healthy! 😛

When we’re back together with our partners, there’re stories to share and more topics to chat about.  It keeps things interesting between us, rather than have nothing more to discuss.  Yes, I love my man, but I don’t need to contact him throughout the day unless it’s for the necessities.

Rather, focusing on other people outside of the relationship makes daily life more interesting.  Once we’re together, there’s a lot more to share with each other.  Girl times are so precious.  I can’t give up my friends for a relationship and neither should any woman : )

Wishing you fun,



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