Gonna photograph a hunky friend!

Tiger, a cutie, shyly asked if I was any good at photography.  Well, my phone happens to have a pretty good inbuilt camera! 😛  When asked why, he said he feels more confident about his body.  Soh desu neh!  Anyone who feels good about his/her physique definitely wants to capture it in images!  Of course I agreed to help! 😀

So we set a date.  Once we’re done, I’ll share some of his photos in this blog and, likewise, in Team DBG if Bryan agrees to it : )  Body positivity shouldn’t be exclusively for women.  Why should we alienate the men just because some hussies scream nonsense about the ‘patriarchy’?

Men receive criticism about their physiques as well.  Unlike women who rage against the patriarchy and socially constructed beauty standards, the guys just suck it up and either live with it or do something to improve themselves.  Heck, they have it harder; we just need to not blimp out, but they need to look like Conan The Barbarian!

The day will come when men scream that Conan is body shaming them.

Thankfully, my friend doesn’t believe in protesting about body shaming.


Neither do I.  Instead, Tiger decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming more active.  With effort comes confidence.  Whatever people say about his physique, it won’t matter.  He’s happier and feels motivated enough to continue his better lifestyle habits.  This is how I feel as well.

As a friend, why wouldn’t I support his effort to make a positive change?  He loves his body enough to take better care of it.  A real friend will be there cheering him on and that’s what I intend to do : )  We want the best for our friends; not enable them when they do themselves harm.

Watch this space! 😛

Wishing you fun,



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