Slender women don’t enjoy life

What do the fat activists use to sell themselves as better partners and, at the same time, undermine slender women?  Well, because we’re allegedly sooooooo obsessed with calories and spend hours at the gym working out fanatically, we forget to enjoy life and all the good things in it, such as good food, good wine and other equally wonderful indulgences.

Is this true?  Are we merely existing as opposed to living well?  Let me bust this lie for you.  Slim women are just as happy, if not more so, than fat activists.  We enjoy life, good food, good wine and good music like everybody else.  But beyond that, some of us enjoy a positive body image because of the effort we pump into taking care of our bodies by eating well and being active.

Clothes fit us well.  We can buy a ton of clothes for variety.  We have fun interacting with people.  We don’t project our own self loathing onto others.  We’re not overly sensitive, which helps whoever we come in contact with feel at ease.  It helps us to build better relations and maintain peace, harmony and cordiality with everyone else.  How is this not enjoying life too?


There’s so much more to life than just food and hedonistic activities.  Life is far more meaningful when there’re challenges that force us to learn and grow, force us to push ourselves to improve, force us to devise our own coping or adapting mechanisms and force us to be ready to surmount and conquer new challenges.  We learn to make lemonade when life throws us tons of lemons.

People find enjoyment in different forms.  Some of us don’t like feeling bloated and lethargic after consuming junk food.  Some of us don’t like sitting idle.  Some of us prefer to meet and get to know people, exchange views and opinions (in a cordial and non-aggressive way, so, no radical feminists :P) and see things from a different perspective.

So yes, slender women DO enjoy life.  In fact, we enjoy life in many forms other than food and sloth.  How is that not even better than what the fat activists can offer?

Wishing you fun,



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